Ohio Valley Reclaimed

Hand Hewn Barn Beams from Harbin Park Barn

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More than 100 years ago, early settlers to the Northern regions of the Greater Cincinnati area built a beautiful barn. Later a community was founded, Fairfield, OH. Later still, a park was created on land where that barn stood. In 2017, that barn was demolished and plans where to dispose of it in the landfill.

Instead, we at Ohio Valley Reclaimed rescued the beams that had served as the foundation for that barn for more than 100 years. Now, you can have a piece of local history in your own home. Now you can help preserve a piece of local history when you purchase one of these beams that were originally from the William Harbin Park barn in Fairfield, OH. Perfect for Mantles, coffee and side tables, and plenty more. Buy just the beams at various lengths or contact us to talk about a custom build using this specific wood.