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Swerve - Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board

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Imagine the focus of the attentive eye of a creator crawling through piles of old wares, antiques even, in the loft of an old barn in a rural paradise more like a scene from a movie than real life. Imagine the smell of hay and the sounds of birds chirping just outside. Imagine that creator’s hard worked calloused hands passing gently across the aged grain of the rough sawn beams that have kept that barn standing for more than 100 years, but whose time as a foundation for a building have reached an end.

Now, imagine standing in your own kitchen entertaining family and dear friends as you pass around appetizers. Imagine their surprise and appreciation as you tell the story of a self-taught craftsman working tirelessly in a small workshop dedicating as much care to his craft as those builders who raised the barn whose wood he now uses a century later.

Finally, imagine the new memories you’ll create in your own home around this beautiful handcrafted cutting board made with reclaimed hard wood.

  • Made with reclaimed wood salvaged from the Ohio valley region, giving new life to a forgotten resource.
  • Handcrafted by self-taught artisans in a local shop just North of Cincinnati, OH whose care and attention are given to each and every piece. 
  • Finished with a food safe beeswax base formula to protect the integrity of the wood and the health of your family.

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