Why Reclaimed Wood?

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I mentioned in my first blog post that my Papa was a huge influence on me when I was growing up. The lessons he taught me, the work that we did together, his house, the cabin, and his overall approach to life were incredibly powerful inspirations. Down to the furniture, tools, and other belongings he had -  that which he had carefully cared for over many years, and that which he had built. I'm realizing more each moment that I work in the workshop, with each product description I write, and with every new piece that I create, that Papa is very much at the heart of this venture.

Oscar (Papa) Smith [1917 - 2011] was a leading inspiration behind the founding of Ohio Valley Reclaimed 

So many things he had were old. It wasn't because he refused to buy new, but because he cared for the things he had and appreciated their value. Today, many of those items would be considered antique, and I actually use some of those things in my workshop. These items were solid, they were well worn, and had stories, every knick or scratch had a reason for being. In fact, there is an old side table in my parent's house still today, that Papa built. That table has cup rings, and marker drawing, and pen marks and spills (and probably blood stains knowing how my brother and sisters and I used to play together) that is beautiful.

When my wife and I first started furnishing our first home, we sought pieces that had character, and were well-built. It was not an easy task and I started building things that looked like the old furniture that Papa would have appreciated.

In the process of creating a reclaimed wood coffee table in Cincinnati, OH at the Ohio Valley Reclaimed workshop.

 Custom tables, and home decor pieces and gifts handcrafted with reclaimed wood, recycled, reused and salvaged materials remind me of the stories I have created with my friends and family. I only hope that I can turn that which has been forgotten into the foundation of new memories and stories for others.


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