The magic is in the details with Reclaimed Wood

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Working with reclaimed wood requires a unique vision and an appreciation for a different kind beauty. At Ohio Valley Reclaimed, we have that vision. And, the appreciation is easy. The first time you cut into a rough sawn reclaimed timber, or weathered piece of hand salvaged ohio valley reclaimed wood and uncover pristine wood grain or a quality and character that can't be bought in a store, you reverted to a child-like state where you start to question everything.

Every time I see a piece of furniture or home decor, I look for the marks of age and character that we like to put front and center on our work. The knots, rips, saw/kerf marks, left over paint and embedded hardware and more are part of the left behind stories that can become a part of our clients' new stories. A huge passion of ours is using forgotten materials, trash, or  mess and clutter and turning it into simple pieces that can be the foundations for new memories. 

If you have, or know of, sources of material with the kind of character that might make others turn away, please contact us at We'd love to give it a new life!

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