The Cutaway Collection, Maker's Favorites and Holiday Pacing

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As you've hopefully seen, we spent the months of August, September, October and some of November, in a mad fury to process a lot of work. 20 or so reclaimed wood tables, some reclaimed wood home decor and some really exciting custom projects that were a lot of fun. As we were finishing up three sizable projects in the weeks before Thanksgiving, I made a decision to slow down the pace a little bit, pause some of our advertising (which had been working really well) and start to focus on preparing for some big projects that I know we have coming in early 2018, cleaning up the shop a bit and getting organized so we can relax through the time of year when I know I want to spend loving on my family and those who've really supported us through our first year running this business.

One of the fun projects that has come out of the shop tidying has been The Cutaway Collection. We're still testing to see exactly where this collection of reclaimed wood jewelry can go, but we've been having a lot of fun - as shop hardened builders - shaping and polishing pendants for jewelry. It may seem like a stretch, but this business started by making use of what we could salvage to create the foundations for lasting memories, and what better way to celebrate that heritage than by creating jewelry that can make a beautiful statement out of the wood that would have otherwise been thrown away?

Also, as we're closing out our first year in business, I've decided to put our entire Maker's Favorites Collection on a discount. Whether you want to sneak in an order in time for Christmas (please order by Monday 12/18), or you're just looking to get a deal on something for yourself, these deals are hard to beat! 

As we close out 2017 and get ready to dive into 2018, I'm so thankful that you've been following along and supporting us. I'll do an official 2017 wrap up closer to the end of the year, but until then, please know how much I appreciate all of your support and love.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled early in 2018 for an exciting product launch announcement that has been spinning around in my head for a while. It's another product that was inspired by the amount of waste that is created while operating a woodshop. It's absolutely one of a kind and we're really excited about the potential to create value from that which others consider garbage.


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