Take the time to be grateful

Ohio Valley Reclaimed is a small business near Cincinnati, Ohio that is managed out of a local garage workshop. 

It's small and crowded and humble, but it's pretty great being able to get into the work really quickly each morning, because a lot of the hours we spend working with reclaimed wood in the shop are the very early hours. But, even though we're trying to cram as much work into as little time as possible, it's still incredibly important for us to take the time to think and plan and listen, and to be grateful. 

Here, our Founder and CEO, Keith Knapp, gives a quick glimpse into the early morning routine he employs to kick off his day. A cup of coffee and some writing in a journal to clear his mind and to set a path for what ideas and thoughts and topics he wants to focus on throughout the day. Often, that includes woodworking, and all of the little things, like where and how and when to salvage materials, and what hardware we'll use for finishing home decor projects, etc. that go into running a shop, but importantly, it always includes family and relationships (often the ones we have because of the good fortune we've had in starting this business) and gratefulness. We know full well we couldn't do any of this without a lot of support, and we appreciate it all. Thanks, folks! Keep following along!

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