Reclaimed Wood is Top Pinterest Design Trend in 2017

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Hand scraped reclaimed wood being used for a custom woodworking project

A recent article that a friend sent my way, highlighted the top design trends for 2017 and Reclaimed Wood was at the very top of the list according to Pinterest. Closely following Reclaimed Wood on the list were Farmhouse Style and Danish Hygee. Of course, the fact that all of these design and home decor trends are among my favorite, is great! Nothing gives me more joy than creating one of a kind functional works of art from reclaimed wood to compliment the home decor styles of the people I make these pieces for. 

If you are trying to figure out how to incorporate these design trends into your own home or office space, please reach out so we can talk about the best way to turn materials that have been forgotten into the foundations for new memories! While it's trendy now to have reclaimed materials in your home, we are dedicated to creating timeless pieces that can compliment any style and are always happy to help consult those who are trying to take a step, but are a little wary about the idea of putting old materials front and center. 

Send an email to to start a conversation about bringing your reclaimed wood design ideas to life!

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