Reclaimed Wood Coffee Cart Tops for Local Coffee Shop

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We love projects that have a cool story, and the Kiro Coffee project was a perfect one. 

Kiro (named after "Chiro" in Chiropractor) was founded by a local Chiropractor who was inspired - in some ways - by the heroin epidemic. Read more about their mission and the inspiration behind their delicious coffee here: About Kiro Coffee.

So, Kiro Coffee's founder came to us to see if we could use wood that they had to make some custom coffee cart tops for their new location, and we were happy to help. 

The wood had come from the old Stearns & Foster factory in Lockland, OH, where Kiro Coffee is opening a new physical storefront in just a couple weeks. They dropped off the wood to our shop, gave us some specs and set us loose. 


The wood started out really rough, but we cleaned it up, prepped it for jointing and created a pair of coffee cart tops that we are really proud of. 


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