Ohio Valley Reclaimed and Northside Distilling Co.: Preserving a Story with Reclaimed Wood

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Ohio Valley Reclaimed had a great opportunity this past weekend to start the installation of a custom build in downtown Cincinnati, OH. After a lot of planning and some prep work in the shop leading up to the weekend, we loaded up a truck and headed into the city to the new location of Northside Distilling Co. just one block south of Over-the-Thine.

North side Distilling Co was originally founded in a barn in - you guessed it - Northside. So, when the opportunity to open a downtown location came, they wanted to preserve the feel of their barn as a way to honor their founding story. As I talked to them about their new space and some of the work they already had planned, I knew exactly how I'd build out the new bar in their tasting room to reflect that authentic story.

 Reclaimed wood barn beams

Using all cull lumber, we built a solid structure to support the weight of the reclaimed oak bar top we're crafting from old reclaimed oak beams, and using materials that the team from Northside provided, we added a cladding to the front of the structure.

While we're not completely done with the install, I did take the opportunity to be the first to dance a little jig on the bar! Because if it hasn't been dance on, is it really a great bar?

Custom builds and installations are a lot of fun for us. Being on site and creating something new out of reclaimed materials is a blast. If you, or your company, are looking for new furniture, a display shelf or a bar, send us a line at hello@ohiovalleyreclaimed.com.

- Keith

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