A First Trip to a Local Brewery and the Community of Makers

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting another of Cincinnati's breweries, Nine Giant, for the first time. As a lover of beer - and the entire fermented beverage category - I was excited to experience the primary product, beer. I was able to taste a couple different varieties and was pleased with each I tried. The quality of the beer was top notch.

What struck me most, though, was the space and the story of community that I learned about. It was clear that owners, Brandon and Mike, had a clear vision for the kind of experience they wanted to share with visitors of their fine establishment. It was clean and airy and just punchy enough to not feel too heavily styled or "trendy." The bar front was beautifully adorned in reclaimed wood (I did not do any work here, but wish I could say I did) the tables were well crafted and heavy enough to not tip and rock - which is important when alcohol consumption is a key purpose of the place - and the framing on the wall pieces complimented the branding and the style of the space really well.

I had the chance to speak with both Brandon and Mike while I was there and I complimented them both on the beer and the space. It was obvious from my interactions with them both that they loved what they were doing and were eager to continue growing and making things even better.

Interestingly, I also got a little insight into the brewing community in Cincinnati as Mike - covered in sweat - had just finished unloading a truck of empty kegs that they were borrowing from Mad Tree brewing. It seems the community of brewers shares a similar closeness as the community of woodworkers and makers I've learned about since founding Ohio Valley Reclaimed. 

The relationships I've made may be the thing I love most about this reclaimed woodworking business. The community of makers and builders and artists and designers that I've discovered, and which has adopted me with open arms, has been amazing. It was really cool to see/hear that the same willingness to help runs through other business circles as well. 

Best of luck to Brandon and Mike and the whole team at Nine Giant. Will be back again soon. 

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